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Udacity Blitz is a new software engineering service that directly connects innovative companies to project teams—made up of Udacity alumni!—to build mobile apps, websites, and provide data services.

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Udacity Blitz gives you new opportunities to apply your skills, upgrade your resume, and earn money. We take care of project sourcing, project scoping, and client communications, and will give you all the support you’ll need to succeed. This leaves you free to focus on what you do best—building great software! Best of all, unlike any other software engineering service worldwide, our clients have the option to hire away Udacity Blitz engineers (called Blitzers!) for their own teams at any time, with no restrictions or fees. Register with Udacity Blitz, and be prepared to put your skills to work.

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If you’ve earned your Nanodegree credential, submit your registration below. Once you’ve successfully registered, you’ll be eligible for Udacity Blitz projects. Our goal with Udacity Blitz is to match the right talent to the right project, every time. When we receive a project proposal that matches your skills and experience, we’ll reach out to confirm your interest and availability. If you take the project, you’ll go through a full onboarding. After that, you’re on the job!

What Udacity Blitz contributors are saying...

“I don’t think any of this would have been possible without Udacity and Udacity Blitz. It’s hard to find the right connections, and Udacity was able to introduce me to the right people ... I would definitely recommend Udacity Blitz to everybody.”
—Miraj Hassanpur, Udacity Blitz alum, now Android Lead at Lighthouse

“The best part of Udacity Blitz was the work experience. I learned so much about how to collaborate with other people, how to work with a project manager, how to work with a client.”
—Danny Arvizu, Udacity Blitz alum, now Software Developer at Optimista


Graduates of any of the following Nanodegree programs are invited to register with Udacity Blitz:

Android Developer
Data Analyst
Front-End Web Developer
Full Stack Web Developer
iOS Developer
Machine Learning Engineer
Senior Web Developer
VR Developer 
Artificial Intelligence
Self-Driving Car Engineer
React Developer

You can learn more about Udacity’s Nanodegree programs on our website.

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Interested in a Technical Project Manager role?

As a Technical Project Manager, you will work with clients and engineers to scope, develop, and manage software projects. The ideal candidate is a very experienced developer—capable of scoping and managing projects end-to-end—who is also comfortable interacting with external clients. This role is a remote contract position. Time commitment is ideally 40 hrs/wk, with a minimum commitment of 20 hrs/wk.

To learn more and apply, please find the Technical Project Manager position under the Remote section on the Udacity Jobs page.

Apply to be a Technical Project Manager


What are the steps I need to take to get work through Udacity Blitz?

1. Graduate from one of the Nanodegree programs listed under the eligibility section above
2. Register with Udacity Blitz
3. Confirm your interest and availability when we match you to a project
4. Go through onboarding
5. Get to work!

Does Udacity Blitz have clients already?
Yes! Udacity Blitz engineers are already working with companies like design agency AJ&Smart, German weather site, Alphabet Inc.'s urban innovation platform Sidewalk Labs, financial mobile app Astra, Los Angeles recording studio Sundown Sessions, and many more. Plus, we have an exclusive partnership with 99designs, the leading online marketplace for design services with over one million active designers—they have selected Udacity Blitz as their app development partner.

How do I get matched to a project?
The goal of Udacity Blitz to is match the right talent to the right project every time, and to ensure successful results for all. As each new project proposal comes in, we'll review the details, and a Technical Project Manager will contact you when we have a project that matches your skills and experience.

What kind of time commitment does Udacity Blitz require?
We expect an average commitment of 30-40 hours per week, with occasional projects requiring as little as 10-20 hours per week, and others necessitating 40+. A Technical Project Manager will confirm your availability details with you when presenting you with a project. 

Is working on a Udacity Blitz project considered a contract role?
Yes. These are contract software jobs, and you will be working as a consultant, not as an employee of Udacity, or Udacity Blitz.

How much will I get paid?
Payment will vary per project, depending on client budget. A Technical Project Manager will confirm the payment details with you when presenting you with a project.

Can I work remotely?
Yes! Most Udacity Blitz projects will in fact be remote.

Do I need to have a U.S. visa to register, and to work on Udacity Blitz projects?
No, a visa is not necessary, as this is a consulting opportunity through Udacity. Udacity Blitz contributors are not employees of Udacity, and opportunities are available around the world.

How will I get notified if there is a potential project match?
A Technical Project Manager will contact you directly when we’ve found a good match with a project to confirm your interest. If it's your first project, the next step will be onboarding.

Once I am matched with a project, what does onboarding involve?
Before you can actually start working on a project, you’ll need to do things like fill out tax forms, and sign non-disclosure agreements. You’ll also be given access to our Udacity Blitz Slack channel, and you’ll connect with a Technical Project Manager to go over important program details, and get any lingering questions answered.

I’m really eager to work on Udacity Blitz projects, what can I do to increase the number of projects I’m offered?
Please make sure to keep your Udacity Profile up to date and looking fantastic! Make sure you include your resume, LinkedIn profile, and full list of skills. Your skills, experience, and portfolio of work are all factors in the project matching process, so you want everything to be current.

Can I work directly with a client outside of Udacity Blitz, that I first connected with through Udacity Blitz?
Yes! Our transparent hiring model allows clients to hire away Blitzers with no restrictions or fees. Our clients are afforded the option of reaching out to you directly, and if they opt to do so, we offer our full support if you elect to work for them. When a client loves your work and wants to hire you at their own company, everybody wins!

If I get stuck on something during a project, can I ask for help?
Of course! Your Technical Project Manager will be available to help support you throughout the entire project, and you will also have access to a Udacity Blitz Slack community comprised of other Blitzers like you. That being said, we do ask that you come prepared with a can-do attitude and willingness to learn!

When can I add Udacity Blitz to my resume?
Once you complete your first Udacity Blitz project, you may highlight your Udacity Blitz work on your resume, on your LinkedIn profile, and anywhere else you showcase your professional accomplishments. You may NOT, however, post any client details without the express permission of the client, nor any details about the project that would make it evident who the client is. Please contact us before posting if you have any questions about what you can and cannot post.

Udacity Blitz Webcasts and other online events

We are organizing monthly events for our community and anyone interested in Udacity Blitz. If you are interested in getting more information about the upcoming events, as well as follow ups on the ones we already organized, you can add your email here.

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