Guide to Salary Negotiation

Negotiate your job offer

Salary Negotiation

Do you have an offer letter in hand, but aren’t happy with the salary offered? Firstly, congratulations on your job offer! Secondly, we understand that navigating the salary negotiation can be challenging on your own. Check out these links to learn strategies you can use to ensure that you get a competitive offer that matches your skills.

Negotiate Your Salary

Learn from Udacity best practices to negotiate your salary with confidence and poise.

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15 Rules for Negotiating Salary
Harvard Business Review

Tips for negotiating salary and getting results.

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15 Things You Should Never Say In A Salary Negotiation
Business Insider

This Business Insider list of phrases you shouldn’t bring up in an interview is a great read for anyone going through the interview process.

It is proven fact that women are paid about 25% less than men. Ladies, check out these articles below to understand how you can make the most of the salary negotiation process!

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Lean In: Negotiating Salary

Lean In’s website details how to negotiate your salary and get results.

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Skill Crush: What Women Can Do
Skill Crush

Offers advice on how to get comfortable asking for more pay.

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