Guide to Building an Effect Resume for Tech Jobs

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Whether you're looking for your first or tenth job, you should continue to update and refine your resume. The best resumes are those targeted to a specific job, because it shows the employer you've researched the role and that you have the skills necessary for the job. Many companies also utilize software to filter out resumes that don't seem to match the job description. It's recommended to have different versions of resumes to send to different companies.

Optimize your Resume with Jobscan

Large companies tend to use Applicant Tracking Systems to analyze keywords in resumes and surface only those that are a good match for the position. Check to see if your resume will make it pass the screen!

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Resume Revamp

Udacity's guide on writing a targeted resume for your dream job in tech.

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The Muse

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How to Make a Killer Software Engineer Resume and Portfolio to Boost Your Freelance Career

This article from freelance community CodementorX takes you through the importance of building a resume and portfolio that will impress clients and future employers.

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