Guide to Creating a Portfolio & Showcasing Your Work

Impress your future employer

Portfolio & Showcasing Your Work

Your portfolio is incredibly important to the job process because it gives potential employers the opportunity to see your actual work! Consider sharing your work in one of the following ways.

Design Portfolio

The Unofficial Design Portfolio Handbook
Martijn van den Broeck

A guide on having a design portfolio, written by a designer with experience at Google and IDEO.

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Post and share your online design or art portfolio.

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Share and discover creative work - share your portfolio here.

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Do-It-Yourself Portfolio

Why use a web service when you can create your own portfolio? If you’re familiar with web development, you can make your own website to showcase your work.


If you have less web development experience, use a WordPress template to develop your own unique portfolio website.

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Storytelling and Personal Branding

Your portfolio showcases your work and accomplishments. Often, employers want to know the story of how you got there. While personal success stories are an important asset when it comes to career advancement, people often have trouble telling the stories behind them.

Storytelling, Personal Branding, and Getting Hired

Get tips from Udacity's Career Success Strategist on leveraging your accomplishments and personal story to get a job.

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Data Analysis

How To Build A Data Analysis Portfolio That Will Get You Hired

Learn from Udacity's own data engineering course developer on how to showcase your data science work!

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How to Write a Professional Data Analysis Report

Step by step guide to preparing, writing, reviewing your data analysis report to ensure it meets professional standards.

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