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LinkedIn and GitHub Profiles


LinkedIn profiles are an extremely valuable asset to your job portfolio. Unlike a resume, which is confined by length, you are able to describe in more detail the projects or work that you have done on your LinkedIn profile.

Strengthen Your LinkedIn Network & Brand

In this course, you'll learn strategies and tactics for effective networking. You'll learn to make personal connections in-person and online. We give you the confidence you need to make personal connections and improve your job search.

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How to Stand Out on LinkedIn

Check out Udacity's guide to attract recruiters on LinkedIn.

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Land a Great Job With LinkedIn
Break Into Tech

Unleash the potential of LinkedIn in your job search! Taught by The LinkedIn Guys, this free course will teach you the best strategies to use LinkedIn in your career development.

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6 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Stand Out

Are you just starting out with LinkedIn, and have no idea where to begin? Do you have a LinkedIn profile but are unsure whether or not it catches people’s attention? Check out these tips to making sure your profile stands out.

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31 Tips for LinkedIn
The Muse

More totally awesome tips to make sure your LinkedIn profile is great.

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Get Your LinkedIn and GitHub Profiles Reviewed

Our team will review your LinkedIn and Github Profiles and provide feedback for improvements! Enroll in any career-ready Nanodegree program to access this service.

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GitHub, in addition to being an essential tool and resource for programmers, is a powerful networking tool. Hiring managers will look at your profile when considering you for a role. Active programmers with frequent commits on GitHub will also attract recruiters.

Become a GitHub Pro

Learn the best practices for sharing your work on GitHub from Udacity!

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How to: Use GitHub to Find Super-Talented Developers
Social Talent

Use this resource for recruiters to find out how you can optimize for profile to attract hiring managers.


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Other Profiles

Check out these other widely used sites and join their communities to connect with other highly engaged developers.


Compete in data science competitions and get noticed by the companies sponsoring them!

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A community of over 4 million programmers helping to answer each other's questions.

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