Guide to Interviews

Impress your future employer


The last part of your job search process will usually be a series of interviews, ranging from short phone calls to longer in-person conversations.

Think Like a Recruiter and Hiring Manager

Check out Udacity's interview with a hiring manager to get an inside scoop on how the hiring process works, from application to job offer!

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Crush Your Tech Interviews
Break Into Tech

This simple guide has key tips on how to succeed in a tech interview. Read on to find out how you can crush your next tech interview! 

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Ian Douglas's Daily Interview Prep Emails

We love Ian's email series: He has over 20 years of industry experience giving technical interviews, and is a Udacity student several times over himself to boot! Receive a practice interview prep question every day, with advice from Ian on how to answer.

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Phone Screening

Phone interviews are often the first stage of the hiring process – doing well will increase your odds of being called back for an on-site interview! Check out these tips for success when you get the call.

How to Ace a Developer Phone Interview

Learn from Palantir how to rock a phone interview and make it to the next phase of interviewing.

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Expert Advice: 8 Tips for Acing a Phone Interview
Nerd Wallet

8 quick tips from professionals about phone interviews.

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On-site Interview

The final step before receiving a job offer is an interview with the team you would be working with in your new job. This final interview is usually on-site and comprises a behavioral and technical portion.

These interviews can be intimidating – it’s okay to feel nervous, everyone does! To make sure you're well prepared on the interview day, begin practicing for interviews well before you begin your job search to refine your interviewing skills and address anything you need more practice on.

Acing Your Interview

Udacity talked with tech hiring managers and offer you tips on acing your in-person, behavioral interview.

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Perfecting Body Language
Skill Crush

Feeling nervous about your interview? This article details how to have body language that communicates confidence and calmness while you are interviewing.

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How to Answer Any Interview Question

Tired of memorizing sample questions? Read this article on how to answer any and all interview questions.

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Technical Interviews

In certain jobs, especially at bigger companies and for engineering roles, you'll be asked to undergo a technical interview that involves programming and problem-solving based on data structures and algorithms. Usually, those with a computer science background are equipped to answer these questions. Don't worry if these concepts are new to you - you can learn and practice with Udacity's course on Technical Interviews. Complete the free course to receive unlimited mock interview sessions with Pramp!

Technical Interview: Algorithms and Data Structures in Python

This course is an introduction to topics that often show up on technical interviews. It is aimed at students who have never taken a course in algorithms and data structures, but want to learn the material.

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Coding Interview Tips
Interview Cake

In addition to practicing, learn about these easy to adopt behaviors that will help you succeed in the coding interview.

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The Coding Interview

Check out Palantir's guide on acing the coding portion of your technical interview.

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Gain Technical Confidence with a Nanodegree

Practice technical interviewing by enrolling in a career-ready Nanodegree.

View Nanodegree Programs

Practice for Your Technical Interview

Use these web resources to practice for your technical interview.


Peer-practice for technical interviews ... for free! Access Pramp while logged into your Udacity student account to use the Udacity promo code for free unlimited practice. 

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Triplebyte offers a 30-minute quiz that, upon completion, will give you personalized feedback on your technical interview.

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Practice interviewing with engineers from top companies, anonymously. Get better at algorithmic problems and find a job!

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Interview Bit

Learn and practice on almost all coding interview questions asked historically and get referred to the best tech companies!

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Project Euler

Project Euler is a series of 500+ mathematical and computational problems designed to be solved programmatically. It also includes levels, achievements and other community features.

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If you find the online resources above not sufficient for your interview preparation, you might want to consider these books!

Cracking the Coding Interview
by Gayle Laakmann McDowell

This best-selling book offers 150 programming questions and solutions to help you practice coding and ace your upcoming technical interview questions.

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Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Your Next Job
by John Mongan, Noah Kindler, Eric Giguère

This popular guide to programming interviews includes code examples, information on the latest languages, chapters on sorting and design patterns, tips on using LinkedIn, and a downloadable app to help prepare applicants for the interview.

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Elements of Programming Interviews: The Insiders’ Guide
by Tsung-Hsien Lee and Amit Prakash

This book features a great compilation of programming-related problems for interview prep, general refreshers, or simply brain teasers.

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