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Udacity Interview Courses and Guides

Interview Courses

Learn from Udacity how to prepare for and ace your final interview. Each of our courses are available in their respective Nanodegrees and are targeted to the specific job you want to pursue.

Enroll in an eligible Nanodegree program to submit Dry-Run Interview Projects, which focus on both behavioral and technical aspects of job interviews.

Front-End Web Developer
How would you go about writing a function or analyzing a front-end web application framework?

Data Analyst
What are the different types of data questions you could be asked? How would you tackle a question asking you to construct a query differently from a question about statistical models or probability?

Full Stack Web Developer
What are the components you need to address when answering a question about web security? How would you approach writing code while explaining your reasoning for it? 


To practice algorithms and data structures concepts and questions, go through Udacity's free course on technical interviewing and receive unlimited mock interview sessions with Pramp!

Technical Interview: Algorithms and Data Structures in Python
This Udacity course is an introduction to topics that often show up on technical interviews. It is aimed at students who have never taken a course in algorithms and data structures but want to learn the material.

Interview Guide: Machine Learning

You are an aspiring Machine Learning Engineer preparing for an interview. This guide will help you get into the right mindset, and review essential skills that you may be evaluated on.

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