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Hackathons are a place to network, collaborate, and innovate. Usually lasting one or a few days, anyone involved in software development (programmers, designers, project managers, and others) collaborates on projects.


DevPost has a constantly updating list of hackathons, with some that you must attend in person and some you can participate in remotely.

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Major League Hacking

If you’re a university or high school student (from anywhere in the world), many schools are hosting their own hackathons. You can find them through Major League Hacking, which has a new hackathon schedule every semester.

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Discover Upcoming Hackathons gathers information on upcoming hackathons as well as teams looking for new members to join projects. 

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The Best Hackathons in NY
NY Hackathons

If you're in New York, check out the collection of hackathon events shared here. There's also a list of helpful tools recommended for any serious hackathon participant to adopt.

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Find Hackathons Worldwide

If you're residing outside of the US, don't despair: check to see if any hackathons are being hosted in your area. 

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