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Contributing to Open Source

Open source code or software is available, usually with a license, for anyone to use. It's common to collaborate on open source projects and use the material to build creative and exciting projects.

The Open Source Definition

Open Source Initiative defines the term and outlines major components in use and distribution. It’s a great website for beginners as well as experts.

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Google Summer of Code

Through their program, Google has compiled an expansive archive of open source foundations and projects. Explore the database to find out more. 

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Open Source Machine Learning Frameworks

Mainly designed for deep neural network models, TensorFlow is a tool for machine learning. Whether you're new or already have experience, take some time to explore what is offered! 

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Employers highly value contributions to and collaboration on open source. If you're new to open source, get started with the resources below:

Get Started with Open Source Projects on GitHub

Written by Udacity’s own engineer and open source contributor, this article gives instructions on how to start contributing to open source projects.

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The Beginner's Guide to Contributing to Open Source Projects
New Relic

This article does a great job of giving you ideas on how to contribute to open source projects in little and big ways - every little bit helps!

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Most open source projects host their repositories on GitHub. One of the great features of GitHub is that each repository comes with an issue tracker - just click the “Issues” link in the left sidebar of any of your favorite repositories to see where you can help. (Ex: jQuery’s issues)

Explore Open Source On GitHub

GitHub’s help guide to using the site and finding projects to work on.

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Other Platforms


A community that matches up potential contributors with open source projects - it allows you to easily search through a variety of issues based on language, skill level, type of issue, etc.

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What Can I Do For Mozilla?

Contribute to Mozilla projects at this site, which asks you a series of questions about your interests or expertise and then makes suggestions.

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Compete in data science competitions and get noticed by the companies sponsoring them!

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Free Code Camp

This open source community gives people opportunities to learn to code and then give back by helping non-profit organizations.

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